tooltip1 = “Register your interest in our simple form below”
tooltip3 = “This will be with one of our friendly team to see if the traineeship is right for you and to talk about what sectors and employers we can match you with. We’ll also ensure that you are eligible to do the traineeship”
tooltip4 = “These are not tests! There will be 2 assessments one in English and one in maths. These are simply to determine what level you are at.”
tooltip5 = “Here we will chat to you about your assessment results what your career aspirations are start a development plan check what IT access you have and agree a timetable”
tooltip6 = “You’ll meet your tutor and other trainees and have a full induction”
tooltip7 = “This will cover key areas of employability and will be tailored to you. You’ll be fully prepared to start your work placement”
tooltip8 = “This will be for a minimum of 70 hours and will be for 2-3 days a week. The work given to you will be key activities that the employer needs you to do. You’ll be both challenged and rewarded. ”
tooltip9 = “Further English and maths training are only needed if you do not hold certain qualifications already. The learning will be engaging light-hearted and fun!”
tooltip10 = “This will be an accredited qualification in whatever industry you have chosen and will take a couple of weeks to complete”
tooltip12 = “At the end of your work placement your employer will guarantee you an interview provide you with a reference and give you meaningful written feedback about your placement”
tooltip13 = “Now your traineeship has finished you will either be able to start work with your employer go onto another education programme such as an apprenticeship or PeoplePlus will help you find alternative employment with one of the hundreds of employers we work with”